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Kristin Johnson
Kristin Johnson 5.0
Richard Hellander
Richard Hellander 5.0
Donna DelGiorno
Donna DelGiorno 5.0

Mike was on time .. he was clean made the repair…& explained what he did to fix the problem. This is the second time we’ve used Harris plumbing & will use them again.. as well as recommend them to friends & family. Very pleased. 😎

Douglas DOUGLAS 5.0

excellent service would recommend

Richard Lusk
Richard Lusk 5.0
Winsel Lyles
Winsel Lyles 5.0

Paul Gandy did a fantastic job

Sifu 2.0

This whole experience turned into a protracted problem beyond reason. I am pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Salem, NJ, my wife, Sheila, and I living in the church manse on Market Street which is on State 45. Our toilets backed up, we called in ...plumbers who could not fix it, so they reached out to Harris. In the meantime, my wife, handicapped mind you, and I were forced to go to a hotel. What I am about to share took over 6 weeks to resolve! Totally unacceptable for senior citizens with health issues and costing $100 and more per day! It was determined that the stoppage was located just off our sidewalk and into the street. Harris was to procure a state permit and promised us they could handle the work. Yet, the process dragged on and on - some of it resting on whomever is in Trenton who gave contradicting info about the permit process and then bluntly told us he was busy and would get to it later. We tried to communicate our need, considering my wife's health, to no avail. Then, once the permit was secured, it seemed Harris was taking their time to get to it as well. My wife became very stressed, which landed her in the hospital with an irregular and fast heartbeat. She is still in AFib, by the way. Her life is literally in danger, partly at least to what we saw as a lack of concern and no real effort to reach out to us or give the issue priority. And we will be seeking consultation on what recourse we may have to ensure that this kind of "abuse", as several people have called it, doesn't happen to another. Keep in mind, Harris was involved after the first week or so, yet we went for at least 44 days out of our home at an added expense well over $5,000, not counting hospitalization. We find this unacceptable on every level, from Trenton on down. Word gets around when the pastor and wife in a very visible church go through something like this. A lot of people have been asking and following us through this "40 Days" in the wilderness. I want to extend a good word to Christie in Harris' office who tried her best to help and was very concerned when she heard about Sheila being hospitalized right after she had come to the office to express her outrage at all the delays. We heard several sorts of excuses that did not measure up to the need we had. This is my feedback. Probably much more civil than you might get from my secretary or my spouse.Read More...

Deborah MacInnes
Deborah MacInnes 2.0

Mike, the technician, was nice. He replaced the supply line on a 10-month old toilet, but did warn me that the problem may be at the valve. The charge was $190.00. He had to return the next day because the leak was still there. He quoted a price of ...$400.00 for the valve plus a hole in my wall. I called another plumber, who replaced the valve for half the price (no hole in the wall) and told me that Mike installed an inferior supply line with a plastic cap that is impossible to tighten satisfactorily.Read More...

John Hargrove
John Hargrove 5.0

A plus service

Franny Killip
Franny Killip 5.0

I had a toilet leaking into my basement shorting out an outlet causing a power failure in half my house. A call to Harris got quick repair of the toilet by Joe Sauro and the electrical repair by Mike Monkiewicz. Both men were very professional and got ...the repairs done quickly. But more importantly, they were so very kind and made this old woman feel safe. (I was afraid of an electrical fire) Congratulations to Harris for employing such great guys!Read More...

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